Where the need is greatest

Unrestricted gifts help to ensure that we have funds available to benefit priority areas across the University. Such gifts are particularly valuable as they give us the flexibility to allocate funds where they are needed most at the time they are received.
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By giving toward our programme of scholarships and bursaries you open doors and help prospective and current students to realise their potential, promote excellence and provide much welcomed financial support.
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The student experience

Their time at Richmond enables our students to excel, both inside and outside the classroom. We offer our students opportunities to develop skills and interests that can last a lifetime. Your donation will help us enhance the student experience.
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The Library

Give students the tools to flourish. By making a donation to The Library collections you enable the University to purchase important resources for Richmond's diverse educational programmes at both the Richmond and Kensington campuses.
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Student recruitment

Become an Ambassador for Richmond and support our Student Recruitment team in finding the strongest and brightest prospective students for the next generation of Richmond alumni.
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Professional development

You now have the experience and skills that make you a force to be reckoned with in the world. Use this knowledge to support your fellow alumni and current students so they can benefit and learn from your experience.
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Alumni activities

Enjoy the social and career benefits of Richmond’s global alumni network. Become a volunteer by giving your time, expertise and enthusiasm to your local alumni network.
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"Richmond students and many projects within the Student Government benefit greatly from the support given by our donors."

Harrison Chadwick

President of the Student Government

UK Office of Admissions
Tel: +44 20 8332 9000

USA Office of Admissions
Tel : +1 (617) 450-5617
Email : usadmissions@richmond.ac.uk