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Richmond alumna, Simone has carved out a niche in her writing career thanks to her dual accredited degree.
04 June 2015

“Studying at Richmond prepared me for my graduate course at Sheffield University. After securing a Masters in English Studies, I set up a business as a freelance writer and worked with tech companies like Easy Taxi. I am now working for ParcelHero®, a leading international courier that offers worldwide parcel delivery for expats, businesses and students studying abroad. The company plans to expand to the US. They hired me based on my international experience and degree. Not many universities offer a dual accredited education, so graduates should highlight this on their CV. This will give them a competitive edge over other candidates.”

Simone Baret (BA, International Relations 2007)

Simone shares tips for students and recent graduates in her company blog:

Richmond is developing it's career opportunities for students
25 June 2013

"The University runs it's own career workshop programme. These workshops aim to develop the career activities students participate in and introduce them into the real world of business to get them ahead of the game!"

Jaclyn Hadjipieris (Assistant Dean of Student Activities)

The Real World Seminar Series and L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Education and Development) Series provide a great opportunity for students to learn from others. If you think you could provide valuable support for students in these activities please contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office.


LinkedIn is the social network for the business and the professional
24 June 2013

Dr Ivan Cohen's faculty top tip >>>

"Properly employed, LinkedIn is an enabling medium. Businesses can inform of the services they provide, or seek the services they require.

LinkedIn like it's younger cousin, Facebook, permits people with similar interests to connect and share views, news and to search out potential business connections, including job openings and B2B. Unlike Facebook it tends to have almost no inane chatter nor cat pictures! Unlike Twitter, postings are not restricted to 140 characters.

The more recent capability of LinkedIn permitting recommendations and skills endorsements has enabled me to e-publish recommendations for my students and alumni, which they can show to prospective employers and graduate programmes. And, it enables those who have found my work of value to recommend me in turn."

Dr Ivan Cohen (Associate Professor in Finance and Economics)

From Dr Cohen's own experience, LinkedIn has enabled him to attract. The book he is currently writing was commissioned by a publisher who found his profile on LinkedIn. This connection helped both Dr Cohen seeking a publisher, and for publishers seeking new authors.

Use your alumni network! My steps towards starting a creative career
24 June 2013

Tara is inspired and working towards starting a career in the creative industry passionate about teaching or design.

“The creative industry may sound like a cliché network, but you can use your Richmond alumni network as your most powerful and accessible network to work towards your career aims! Your former classmates and other alumni have done the networking leg work for you! You just need to seek out those contacts to help you on your way as I am doing.”

Tara Loyko (BA, Art Design & Media, BA International Relations 2010)

Tara uses these resources for knowledge on the creative industry, (Art-based career advice) (Income & Exhibition Opportunities for Artists)

The best characteristics for new starters!
21 June 2013

What are business leaders and internship providers of today looking for in a entry-level role?


"...We look for someone who is super organised, proactive, has a sense of responsibility, confidence, personality, and a good work ethic."

Halpern PR (Richmond International Internship Partner)

Multimedia Resources

The Bright Futures employability conference 2013: Employers identify qualities needed by graduates

Richmond alumnus, Mia Bella Josimovic talks about the benefits of carrying out an International Internship

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