Establishing a named scholarship

Thank you for your interest in establishing a named scholarship. A minimum gift of £20,000 will establish a permanent endowment to fund an annual student scholarship. Endowing a scholarship in honour of an alumna/alumnus, a family member or friend or other special person is a powerful and permanent way to support future generations of Richmond students and will change lives.

10 things to consider when establishing a named scholarship

1)    The level of your donation will determine the level of funding and the number of students to benefit from your scholarship.

2)    You may name the scholarship in honour of an alumnus/alumna, family member, friend, member of faculty or staff or other special person.

3)    You may specify a preference on characteristics the candidate should possess, e.g. an International Relations student, or a student studying Communication from Spain. These preferences help the scholarship committee and financial aid officer in granting the awards.

4)    In general, scholarship awards are made on the basis of academic merit, outstanding personal character, and demonstrated financial need. Academic merit is defined by having a minimum 3.0 university GPA (based on a 4.0 system) or the equivalent high school average.

5)    Scholarships may be renewed annually for up to four years (eight semesters) provided the student is making satisfactory progress toward the completion of his/her degree.

6)    The minimum amount to establish an endowed scholarship is £20,000. The initial gift establishing the fund and other subsequent gifts to this fund will be placed in the trust fund of the University.

7)    Once the fund corpus of £20,000 is funded, it is invested for one full year, and the scholarship will be awarded at that time.

8)    Scholarships are awarded from the interest earned by the fund corpus. Remaining income will be reinvested in the fund. Never will the fund corpus be reduced.

9)    As one way of recognising your generosity and life-changing gift to the University community, you will receive an annual invitation to meet with scholarship recipients as well as University faculty and staff.

10)    To get more information on creating a named scholarship and to further discuss your giving objectives, please contact the Alumni and Supporter Relations Team.

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