University is about much more than in-classroom studying. Our motto is 'unity in diversity' providing internationalism and the London experience. Belonging to a club or society, setting up an enterprise initiative, taking up a volunteer placement, or participating in a cultural trip builds well-rounded, mature and responsible individuals who go on to make a positive difference in the world.

Supporting on-campus student organizations

A wide range of student-run on-campus clubs and societies offer students unique opportunities to develop their skills and experience in preparation for life after Richmond. The Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES), for example, encourages students to develop their business skills by introducing them to business modelling and enterprising companies around the world. The Richmond International Action Network (RIAN) is dedicated to making an impact on developing regions around the world through financial support and volunteer commitment. While student leaders from the Model United Nations Committee seek to develop greater international links whilst building their public speaking skills. Your donation will help empower students to get inspired, involved and learn skills that will stay with them for life.

Supporting special activities

We at Richmond believe that the out-of classroom experience is vital to developing well-rounded, thoughtful and creative global citizens. With your support, grants will be provided to support special annual events like International Night and Spring Fest, activities like educational trips across Europe and the United Kingdom as well as a programme of volunteering opportunities in the wider community. These activities enrich the student experience, encourage commitment to the values the University hopes to engender in all of its students, and help students gain the skills and experience they need to start their careers and become global citizens.

"Richmond's student experience has endless possibilities: from membership in on-campus student organizations, tutoring, mentoring and volunteering in the local community to opportunities to take part in national conferences and international travel and field study. With diversity as our driving force and your support, the world is our classroom."

Allison Cole-Stutz

Vice President (Pro Vice Chancellor) Student Affairs

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