Donors giving £1,000 or more to the University in a single academic year are recognised as Richmond Pioneers. Such inspirational gifts enable Richmond to transform ideas into reality fast and efficiently, to develop resources and facilities in a meaningful way and to support our students to go on to make an impact on societies around the world.

Becoming a Richmond Pioneer

Adding your name to the list of Richmond Pioneers will inspire your peers to consider their own gift and remind others of the importance of supporting higher education. Pioneer gifts can be made by setting up a monthly, quarterly or annual standing order, or through a single gift by cheque, CAF voucher, credit card or a gift of shares. Richmond Pioneer membership is based on the academic year (1 August to 31 July).

UK taxpayers may have the opportunity to take advantage of Gift Aid to make a Pioneer gift. If you are paying UK income or capital gains tax, the University is able to claim a further £200 for every £800 that you give. That means your £800 gift would have a Pioneer value of £1,000 for Richmond. Higher rate tax payers giving £800 could reclaim a further £200 on their self-assessment tax return.

Pioneer level

What you actually pay if eligible for Gift Aid

Total cost to higher rate taxpayers*


£800 or £67 a month



£4,000 or £334 a month



£20,000 or £1,667 a month


* If you are a higher rate UK tax payer, you may be able to reclaim some of your donation on your Self Assessment Form. You can learn more at the HM Revenue & Customs website.

Many companies operate a matching gift scheme that will double the value of charitable gifts made by their employees. If eligible, this gift can also contribute toward your Pioneer total.

Recognising our Pioneers

Richmond Pioneers are personally thanked by the President, receive additional updates on the University’s progress and, unless anonymous, are specially highlighted in Richmond’s Annual Donor & Volunteer Report.

From 2014, an exclusive annual Richmond Pioneers’ reception is held in London in the autumn, offering a chance for personal conversation with the President and to hear from guest speakers including accomplished academics, alumni and students giving an update on the University, forthcoming changes in higher education policy, and the importance of philanthropic support to Richmond.

Richmond Pioneers 2012-13

Dr. Vivian Day Stroh (BA Art History 1985, Hon. L.H.D. 2004), Trustee
A. Michael Hoffman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Dr. Debbie McLean (Hon. L.H.D. 2003), Trustee
Wendy Miller, Trustee
Sir David Samworth CBE
Sir Cyril Taylor GBE (Hon LL.D. 1997), Trustee and Founder of the University

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