A LinkedIn group exists exclusively for Richmond alumni and current students.

The Richmond The American International University in London Network LinkedIn group is a forum and platform for Richmond students, past and present, to network, share knowledge and experiences, and support Richmond business around the world.

All students and alumni are welcome; we just ask the group is respected and members adhere to its governing rules.

Before joining please ensure that you have followed the membership guidelines and step-by-step process which includes useful tips on how to network effectively and professionally. It also covers how to use LinkedIn in a way that enhances your experience within the group.

If you have any questions please email alumni@richmond.ac.uk

Membership essentials

Not on LinkedIn yet?

To join our LinkedIn network you are required to have a LinkedIn profile. View some useful tips which might assist you in building a professional profile.

Have you studied at Richmond?

The group is open to anyone who has studied at Richmond, whether a undergraduate, master student or study abroad. The group is also available to our supporters and faculty and staff members. Individuals who request to join the group and can't be recognised by the alumni records system will be sent a message requesting further information.

Become a member

To use our network:

There are a number of steps which you should complete either as one of our alumni, or one of our current students, in order to meet our criteria for joining this valuable resource.

I'm a current or graduating student -

  1. New to networking in a professional business environment? Watch this Get Started with LinkedInvideo which will help you understand what LinkedIn can offer you and what not to expect.

  2. Read the Richmond University governing rules for use of our LinkedIn group. This will ensure that all members understand the high standards of conduct we expect within the group in terms of participation and interaction.

I'm an alumnus -

  1. Read the Richmond University governing rules for use of our LinkedIn group. This will ensure that all members understand the high standards of conduct we expect within the group in terms of participation and interaction.

Once you've taken these steps, send a request to join the Richmond LinkedIn network.

All requests will receive an email confirmation once registration has been reviewed and accepted. We attempt to process your request dependent on office resource as soon as we can.    

Using the group

However you feel you can contribute and gain from this online networking platform, you will quickly find positive benefits within this group: you can expect interaction across all ages, career stages and professions, networking among those who are still studying, and those who are now in the workplace.

The group is only as effective as its members. We hope you can use this platform to create professional online sharing and connections, as well as receiving useful updates, event information and profiles from Richmond University.

Once you join, you will automatically be connected to a substantial group of current alumni and students who are keen to share information about their fields and careers. All members can post articles, ask questions and comment on group discussions.  

Richmond LinkedIn group governing rules

We ask that the group is respected and members adhere to a number of simple rules:

  • The purpose of the group is to network or share business knowledge and information; all interaction should be based on this premise.
  • Members must demonstrate politeness and respect for each other, conducting themselves in a highly professional, honest manner at all times.
  • Any use of inappropriate language or harassing behaviour will result in removal from the group.
  • Alumni are welcome to post links to job vacancies at their companies, however the group is not a space to ask for jobs. Any such requests will result in the removal of the post and a possible block from the group.  

The facts: LinkedIn

  • Number of members: 1801
  • Start date: October 2007
  • Seniority Demographic: 22% of members are at the senior-level and 8% are business owners

"Properly employed, LinkedIn is an enabling medium. Businesses can inform of the services they provide, or seek the services they require. In addition, the more recent capability of LinkedIn permitting recommendations and skills endorsements has enabled me to e-publish recommendations for my students and alumni, which they can show to prospective employers and graduate programmes."

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