We very much appreciate the support you give to Richmond University. Your contribution of time and money allow the University to provide the diverse and high-quality opportunities that make our institution so special. To honour the generosity and lasting impact of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, volunteers, corporations, and foundations, who help Richmond to excel every day, the University has created a number of opportunities for public recognition.

All donors and volunteers

From 2013/14, we are proud to include the names of all donors and volunteers who support Richmond in the University's annual Donor & Volunteer Report for that year.

Distinguished Volunteer Commitment

Each year, Richmond University recognises its most active and committed volunteers with the presentation of a Distinguished Service Award for Alumni Volunteer Commitment.

Donors of £1,000 or more

Each year, Richmond University recognises all individual donors of £1,000 or more as Richmond Pioneers. 
Learn more about the Richmond Pioneers.

Cumulative giving

Cumulative giving at Richmond is recognised by inviting donors to sign formal rolls of benefactors, as follows: 

  • Honour Roll of Benefactors - £500,000+
  • Chancellor's List - £100,000+
  • President's List - £25,000+

Naming opportunities

Looking around the University's campuses, names like Sir Cyril Taylor and Asa Briggs testify to Richmond's philanthropic tradition. The University is always delighted to explore ways in which it can appropriately thank its supporters by providing on-campus naming opportunties.

"Richmond University's international community is a microcosm of the world. As students from 100 countries work and mature together, their experiences and friendships will help them find a shared future. It is with this belief that I give to my alma mater."

Dr Vivian Day Stroh

(BA Art History 1985, Hon. L.H.D. 2004) Trustee and Donor

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USA Office of Admissions
Tel : +1 (617) 450-5617
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