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Chapman Smith MarshallOn December 17, 2015, three former Richmond students met up in New York City -- their first meeting together for 33 years! The picture shows from left to right Charles Chapman, Richmond AA '83; Annette Smith, Richmond BA '86; and Kay Marshall, Richmond visiting student in '83. Charles and Annette met at Richmond at the beginning of the 1982 academic year, got married at Chelsea Old Town Hall in 1986 in the same week Annette graduated at Kensington Town Hall, and are still happily together, now living near San Francisco. Kay Marshall lives in Brooklyn, NY, and via Facebook invited Annette and Charles out to dinner on their recent visit to New York. It was terrific to catch up in person after so long. Many reminiscences, like how Kay and Annette roomed together at a seedy hotel in Paddington one vacation, and how they both went on a Richmond trip to the then-Soviet Union.

WHL & LDI attended Richmond College from September, 1977 until May, 1978 and it was the best experience of my life. This past November, a fellow alumna from my time there, Lisa DeAlva, who now lives in Seattle, Washington, met me in London and we went out to Richmond for a visit. When I got back to the US, I sent the following e-mail and photos to Lisa two other friends who also attended Richmond with us, Kaia Campbell and Greg McGee. They liked my letter a lot and so I thought that you might like it, too. If you're keeping some sort of record, chronicle, or history book of student days at Richmond, I would like this to be included in it.

WHLUpon leaving Richmond, I completed my degree in literature from George Washington University in the US and got a master's degree at Wake Forest. I was an English teacher for 24 years, and am the author of six published books on history and transportation topics. Lisa, who took the theatre class at Richmond, has had a career as a "prop mistress" for major Hollywood and TV films. Kaia became a news reporter and then teacher, and Greg a pharmaceuticals salesmen.

Richmond is often on my mind, and I hope all of its students, both now, and in the future, have the greatest year of their lives there, as I had.

William H. Longyard
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

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