Graduation 2012 

Richmond needs you.

Dear Richmond Alumni,

This year we have the opportunity to both look back on Richmond’s early years (with our 30-year reunion, 19-21 August) and look into the future of what Richmond will become. We are asking your support to shape the changes for the coming years and, in my mind, there are many reasons to support the University.
Here are my top 5:

  1. There's no better time to support internationalism
    As fear and small-mindedness run amuck in the world, it seems we are at risk of forgetting the value of international education. Richmond has stayed united in diversity throughout its 42 years. Help us keep to our mission and support international recruitment worldwide.

  2. Liberal Education is the key to understanding the world around us
    Liberal education inspires creativity, resourcefulness and gives us insight into the interconnectedness of the world around us--something we desperately need as we witness the repercussions of attitudes and actions far away strike at our everyday lives. Being able to approach problems and issues with an open mind means more opportunities for resolutions.

  3. Enhancing the student experience means more engaged, thoughtful, active citizens
    What were the burning issues of your student years at Richmond? Political or religious conflicts in neighbouring countries? Immigration? Welfare and resources? It's not surprising that none of these have gone away, but neither has the importance of preparing interested, responsible and active citizens who are willing to stand up and make a difference in their communities.

  4. Preparing our graduates through service and work is a key component of the Richmond experience
    I'm sure you've all experienced the variability of the job market and the extreme competition for entry-level positions post-graduation which has become very common in London and other capital cities around the world. Richmond is committed to preparing articulate, motivated, resourceful graduates who outshine other candidates in the workforce because of their experiences as undergraduates in service, leadership, internships and research. These programmes are vital to keeping Richmond graduates at the ready for their launch into the working world.

  5. Pay it Forward
    I am conscious there are many demands on your resources. However, giving to Richmond (still in its early years) is a further investment in your past as well as in Richmond's future. Where will we be in 5 years? 10 years? 50 years? Your generous donations will help us thrive.

    If you’d like to donate as part of a class gift, please indicate this in the process. We will be highlighting donations made by individuals and groups in our future correspondence with you.

If you are unable to give, there are other ways to get involved including mentoring, helping with recruitment in your area, networking and much more.

Please keep in touch with us at

Best wishes,

Allison Cole-Stutz
Vice President for Student Affairs/ Dean of Students
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