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By Martin D. Brown, Associate Dean for Research

Martin Brown Lecture

Many alumni will hopefully have fond memories of their time in Richmond’s classrooms engaging with faculty as they lectured on their chosen subjects. The knowledge and expertise they passed on was based on years, if not decades of academic research and/or professional engagement. Put simply, excellence in teaching is dependent on the work faculty produce outside the classroom, either through academic research, or working and engaging with fellow professionals in government, industry, NGOs and beyond.

Given the importance of the relationship between teaching and research, in 2012 the university produced its first ‘research and professional engagement strategy’ to provide a clear framework for supporting and enhancing existing research, and to outline ambitions for research over the next five years. In September 2014 the post of Associate Dean for Research was established, to further promote and formalise a research culture across all three schools at the university.

As of now I am that associate dean, my name is Martin Brown, and I’d like to invite alumni to keep up to date and engage with faculty’s numerous research based activities.

Richmond Research Centres

We currently have four research centres, with two more being planned, and they organise regular events such as book launches, talks, symposia and conferences. This is in addition to article and book publishing, theatrical and artistic performances and a variety of media appearances. Alumni are welcome to attend any of these events.

These centres are:

Current Activities

  • At present, Dr Dennis de Caires has an exhibition of his paintings at the, Zari Gallery 73 Newman Street, London, W1T 3EJ until 11 March;
  • On 18 March 2016, Drs Mann and Ventouris will host a conference on ‘Increasing Happiness and Wellbeing through Arts Participation & Play Conference’ supported with the generous assistance of Richmond alumnus Dr Gul Tokay and her CASS research fund;
  • Dr James D Boys has just published a new book on Hilary Clinton;
  • Dr Ivan Cohen a textbook on Economics for Business; and
  • Dr Robert Wallis has released a new edition of his jointly authored dictionary of Shamanism.

Further details of the events on offer can be found here : research-centres.
I’d like to invite you all to follow us on social media, listed below, or you can e-mail me here with any queries or questions you might have:

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Dr Martin D. Brown
Associate Dean for Research



The impressive scope of these activities can be explored in Richmond’s Journal of Research.


Journal of Research

Download a pdf copy of the journal here.

There is even more detail to be found in the 'Faculty and Research' section of the University website.

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