Scholarships: The gift of opportunity

The University is committed to helping students attain a high-quality education. Every year, Richmond University offers substantial funding for scholarships or financial aid of more than £1.5 million to deserving students. Over a quarter of our student body currently receive financial aid, both merit and need-based. But more funding is needed to give more bright students the opportunity to come to Richmond. Donations of any size to Richmond’s Alumni Scholarship Fund will enable the University to offer the opportunity of a Richmond education to top students with financial need. Please join the University in making a difference to the current and future generations of students whose lives and careers will shape our world of tomorrow.

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Jason Elliot“In my capacity as Assistant Dean, Financial Aid, I have had the opportunity to work with our scholarship recipients. Most of our scholarships are awarded based on academic criteria, but need based support is also available for promising students who might be experiencing financial difficulties as a result of unforeseen circumstances. This support has been indispensable to many students who would otherwise find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to complete their studies. It is always gratifying to see the significant difference that this support has had on our students.”

- Jason Elliot, Assistant Dean Financial Aid and Scholarships

"I believe that at Richmond the pursuit of academic excellence is central to the University and the student experience. To receive a Presidential Scholarship has made my university experience much more affordable. It is also emblematic of the University’s many strengths to reward students for their academic achievement."

Christian Abueg

(BA Political Science 2015)

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