Richmond alumni gather at University events in the USA

NY and DC 2015

Professors Mary Robert and Alex Seago hosted alumni events in Washington DC (3rd December) and New York City (5th December). Hosted in informal venues (Builders Arms-style !) the events were well attended (25 + in DC and 45 + in NYC) and great fun.

The events were greatly facilitated by the support of Caitlin Berczik (Sociology 2006) in DC and Richard McCarthy (Political Science & IR 1987) in NYC. Richmond alums (both graduates and Study Abroad students) from 1974 (!) to 2014 attended - including Polly Haas –a current student on the MA in Visual Arts Management who attended the NYC event with her brother Bobby, a 2011 ADM graduate.

After speaking to Richmond alums at both events and communicating later via Facebook it is obvious that everyone thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with former students, meeting old friends and also discovering a community of Richmond alums in their local areas.

We would very much like to make events like these a regular feature of Richmond alumni life and are asking alums in locations where there are substantial local networks (eg; Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco) to suggest suitable venues and help us plan and publicize. If you do have any suggestions, please email .

Alex Seago & Mary Robert


Here are a few photos from the events:


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