Reunion in Dubai for Richmond alumni

Dubai 2015

Richmond's own Professor Emeritus, Ray Hilditch, has sent us this report from the Dubai Reunion held on the 27 November 2015:

Few things in life are more enjoyable than meeting old friends. Imagine how exciting it was on a warm November evening in Dubai to meet over 50 of them!

First up was Milan Popovic (1991). Unusual for a Serb to arrive early – predictably he had got the time wrong, but this gave us a chance to catch up before the crowd arrived! Soon they came in larger numbers, some in groups, some with partners, some alone – all excited to meet old friends, in some cases not seen for 25 years! Some came to Dubai specially for the event (Osama Toema (1988), Nael El Koshairy (1990), Rita Hinduja (1988), Kaushal Shah (1987), Vikram Jain (1988), Vijay Tirathrai (1988)). Others just lived round the corner (Fadi Malas (1989), Ali Reza Sobati (1989), Khaled Sherbani (1992)). And so many nationalities – Indian, Lebanese, Syrian, Kuwaiti, Iranian, Saudi, Palestinian, Egyptian, Iraqi, Russian, Colombian, Bulgarian – even a Scotsman somewhere in the crowd! Some wonderful surprises – Louay Orfali (1977), who attended Richmond before me, Chris Graham, who never went to Richmond but practically lived at The Builders Arms! But the highlight of the evening was certainly the late appearance of Raja Assili (1985) – the only person there to have been both a student and a faculty member.

Just too many to mention everyone by name, but let’s see who you recognised from the pictures on Facebook? We may have put some weight on and the guys may not have so much hair, but for me, no-one has changed. The years rolled away and we were back in the Portakabin (or was it The Lass??).

Special thanks to Khaled Al-Faili (1993) for helping to organise and promote the event. Here’s to August 2016 in London. Details to follow. Please update your details with the Alumni Office so we can keep you informed.

Ray Hilditch


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