What's going on?

Going to the pub for drinks, volunteering with your University or networking at a more formal professional event. These are some of the activities you could get involved with in your area. You might find opportunities that enhance your social and career contacts and networks. Have a look at this page for all the information in your local region.

Getting in touch with local alumni?

Do you have an event you would like to advertise? Want to reach out to your alumni network but don't have the contacts? We are here to support you with contacts, social media networks and publicity space to help you create events, connections and alumni friends in your local area.

Wherever possible, we will try to help facilitate communications with local alumni, however, please bear in mind that due to limited resources, we may not always be able to support you as much as you and we would like. Often, the key is to let us know ahead of time how we may be able to assist you.

Use the directory below to see if someone in your area is available to kick-start the conversation. >>>

Richmond Leaders in your region?
A chapter or local group does not currently exist in this region. Why not create your own?

How can I generate support for Richmond?

If you feel you want to give back to Richmond by volunteering, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and for you to support staff, students and your fellow Richmond alumni.

Areas a local chapter can support >>>

Working with student recruitment supporting staff, new students and families.
Support recently returning alumni in their cultural re-entry to the region or newly relocated alumni for social and networking purposes.
Organise events including for faculty and staff visits, social dinners, receptions and trips in addition to opportunities for professional networking.
Visit campus to meet the next generation of graduates to discuss career interests.
Become a point of contact for your local alumni where they can find our local information, events and attractions.
Create and plan professional networking for business exchange and development. See our online professional directory if this is what you are interested in.

Volunteer now >>>

The facts: Lagos

  • Number of alumni: 52
  • With contact details: 13
  • Average age: 38
  • Current students from Nigeria: 10

The global round-up



Beirut and surrounding regional alumni are planning to reunite for an informal event. To get involved contact the Alumni Relations team.



The University London team are commencing a new monthly 'Drinks in the City'. Watch out for information via the website or social media platforms.


Washington DC:

Julia Hatmaker ('11) updates the network: Sept. 29-30 2012, Richmond alumni met up in downtown DC for an officially unofficial reunion.

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USA Office of Admissions
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Email : usadmissions@richmond.ac.uk