Richmond’s alumni mentors are eager to help final year students or recent graduates navigate the wide world of work and post graduate study after Richmond.

They can offer advice about enhanced study, skill development, opportunities and industry advice. Although they are not careers counsellors, we believe their experiences navigating post-graduate study, internships, jobs and immigration put them in a unique place to offer great advice.

Because our alumni population is talented, mobile and creative, you can find alumni in many different industries all over the world.

These mentors have come forward offering their time and energy to give back to Richmond. Please feel free to email them with questions about professional development beyond graduation.

If you are an alum who is interested in being a mentor, please contact us at

Christopher Aguilar

Christopher Aguilar


Los Angeles, California

BA in Communications 2007

email Christopher


Memories of Richmond: My Richmond experience was special because I felt like the "Unity in Diversity" initiative was present in all of my work and studies. From the different jobs/internships around London to the diverse cultures integrated into my classes, I felt prepared for future globalization. I can help recent graduates get started in the world of work by telling them what another Richmond Alumni told me: Be Kind. That will be the basis of all I share. Being kind has gotten me through successes and challenges, and I hope to give graduates (and prospective students), based on my experience, hope for a fulfilling career.

Qiulei Leo Deng

Qiulei Leo Deng

Rates Trader

London, UK

Internship Student 2007

email Qiulei


Memories of Richmond: Richmond offered me a very international environment as well as good access to work experience. I'll help graduates to explore their career planning and connect them with more contacts in their desired field.

Rick Rome

Rick Rome

Entrepreneur/ Business Owner

New York, NY

Visiting Student 1994

email Rick


Memories of Richmond: My best memories are of the cultural enrichment of the students, faculty and the school has been a life-long positive memory and I want to give back. I have 20+ years of corporate and start up experience.

David Hunter

David A Hunter

Management Consultant

Philadelphia, PA

BA in Political Science 2011

email David


Memories of Richmond: My best memories are the international experience, the varied student body, the fantastic professors, and the extra-curriculars.

Dounia Saadi Drissi

Dounia Saadi Drissi

Financial Services Advisor

Paris, France

MBA 2016

email Dounia


Memories of Richmond: My year at Richmond was very exciting in both the learning and the social aspects. The small class size made it easier to make connections, switching from classmates to good friends. I had the opportunity to take very interesting courses, held by some of the best faculty members, I had the chance to learn from until now.
My Richmond experience has granted me the chance to develop skills and competencies such as multitasking, team work and rigor. At the same time, it has encouraged me to grab each and every opportunity, to do more and be more, a mindset that is incredibly valuable in both the workplace and elsewhere, and I am so grateful for that .

Sherif Selim

Sherif Selim

Managing Director at SEDCO Capital

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

BA in Communications 1998

email Sherif


Memories of Richmond: For me, the Richmond experience was a great journey. From the beginning in a quiet Richmond suburb, I'd never have imagined where I'd end up. Richmond did more than offer me a first-class education; it offered me the space to grow as an individual, to try new things, meet new and interesting people and create great friendships. It's a place where I was never far from a new opportunity or experience. As an international student, I have valued the opportunity to study in London, a great city with such a rich and diverse environment.

Hannah Orloff

Hannah Orloff

Press Assistant

Washington, DC

BA in International Relations 2012

email Hannah


Memories of Richmond: My time at Richmond was essential in leading me to where I am today. The international perspective I gained while living in London and attending Richmond continues to play a role in both my professional and personal life. Richmond provided me the amazing opportunity to learn from professors who were dedicated and passionate about their work and classmates who drew on their own personal narratives, bringing diversity to the classroom each day. Of course, there is no better city to live in than London and I miss everything about it!

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